I have been drawing and creating since I could hold a pencil. I remember being around 5 or 6 years old and drawing abstract art and thinking to myself that I wasn't very good at drawing to later find out that abstract was an actual art form. So deep down I feel completely comfortable and most natural doing abstract works. I have gone through many evolutions and forms of drawing and making art. When I was young besides abstract art, I was drawing cartoon characters, then I started drawing comic book art, then I went through a graffiti /street art phase and finally, where I am now, creating fine art like painting and sculpting and who knows perhaps I will evolve again.

The thing that really drives me to create is simply trying to extract my emotions/thoughts/ feelings from my inner being into reality, something that could be looked at or even picked up and held. It’s almost like once I get it out of me and into the piece, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can move on, so I suppose that my work is sort of a therapy for me. Also, I am a huge fan of science and I am obsessed with gravity (not the movie) so that has led me to be really interested in hanging works. I am also a huge fan of astrophysics.

 I think my work is something that helps me understand the world around myself, in a language that I created and that only I can understand. But of course with that being most of the intent, sometimes I cannot part with my works for they are comforting in that I have understood myself in some way completely unique to Me. The things that I can part with, are priced accordingly. I also do commissions.

When I am attempting to create a sculpture, for example, I feel less like an artist and more like a scientist conducting experiments with form, shape and color. Whether that be in a 2D or 3D form. Sometimes the experiment is a failure and I have to redo it and sometimes I realize it doesn't work and I just have to move on. Being exposed to construction work at a very young age I would play with real tools instead of toys so my love fair with tools and building was a natural progression. I am also a self taught painter and its one of my favorite mediums. I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in 3 Dimensional design (non CAD), while I was also trained in graphic design as well.  I have an affinity for all types of creating and I love to collaborate with other artists of all kinds.

 I make works based on happiness, sadness, pain and grief, although sometimes I can make something just for the fact of how cool it would be and maybe to show to some of my technical skills as well. I don't think that there is one reason I make things, there are several reasons based on how I am feeling, to the weather, my whole environment affects me and I am inspired from nature, people, unusual objects and boredom too. And sometimes it’s just really fun and makes others smile.  My art helps me stay grounded, it helps me evolve, it lets me know that I am here in the moment and that I exist.